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CUSTOMIZED Lash Extensions

New Client Full Set: $225 (Includes a free lash cleansing kit)

Return Client Full Set: $150 (if it has been over 4 weeks since your last appointment, you are considered a return client)


Mini 45 Min Fill - $50 (by request for mini touch-ups only)

60 Min Fill - $65 (typically a 2 week fill for Classic/Hybrids/Natural Volumes or Clients with less natural lashes)

75 Min Fill - $80 (typically a 2 week fill for Full Volumes or clients with a lot of natural lashes)

90 Min Fill - $95 (typically a 2 weeks fill for Mega-Volumes/Wispies/Colored/Stylized or a 3 weeks fill for other natural lash styles)

Classic - individual classic lash on individual natural lash

Hybrid - classic lash alternating with volume fans on NL

Natural Volumes - 3D-5D lighter volume look

Full Volumes - 5D-8D fuller volumes

Mega Volumes - 10D+ mega volumes

Mega Lengths - lengths up to 28mm can only be done on healthy NL

Spiky/Wispie - longer spikes throughout your set to create texture & imitate a strip lash appearance​​

Colored - add colors to your set or do an entire set of colored lashes

All sets are customized to your eye shape & preferences

Lash Extensions: About The Spa

Colored Lash Extensions

Please Notify Us if wanting colors added in your set because color mapping takes a bit more time than regular lashes.

Get funky with some super fun colored extensions!

Lash Extensions: About The Spa
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