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Nail Services

Skin Care

Manicures & Pedicures

Express Manicure, $15

(no polish included)

Regular Manicure, $20

(regular polish included)

Relax Manicure, $25

(lotion massage, hot towels & regular polish included)

Shellac Manicure, $30

Relax + Shellac, $40

Express Pedicure, $25

Regular Pedicure, $30

Deluxe Pedicure, $40

Heavenly CBD Pedicure, $50

Shellac Add-On for Pedicures, $10

Luxury Jelly Pedi, $85

(shellac included)

Pink Sugar

Specialty Nail Services

Premium Leafgel Manicure

Premium Gel Mani: $45

Premium Gel Luxe Mani: $70

(Full relaxation Luxe Manicure)

Premium Gel Add-On to other nail services: $20

Premium Gel Removal: $15

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel/Builder Gel/Hard Gel

Luminary Overlay (on natural nails): $60+

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel Extended on Tips: $70+

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel Fill: $50+ 

Full Set CUSTOM SCULPTED Gel (using forms): $80+

Polygel / Hybrid Gel

Polygel Full Set: $70+

Polygel Fill: $60+


Gel-X Full Set: $50 (short lengths) - $80+

Gel-X Fill: $50+

Acrylics & Dip

Full Set Acrylics (with Tips): $45++

(Basic Length & Shape. Includes Shellac)
Fill Acrylics: $40++

Polish Change on Acrylics: $30++

Pink & White: $55+
Fill P&W: $50+

Full Set CUSTOM SCULPTED Acrylics (using forms): $65++

Powder Dip Color on Natural Nails: $35++

Powder Dip w/Tips: $40++
Powder Dip French on Natural Nail: $45++

Powder Dip French w/Tips: $50++

Powder Dip Ombre on Natural Nail: $45++

Powder Dip Ombre w/Tips: $50++

Extra Length: $5++

Special Shaping: $5++

Basic Design: $2.50/Designs

Specialty Designs: $5+/Design
French/Ombre/Chrome/Metallic: $10+ each
Cuticle Trim: $5
Fix: $5/nail (free fix only applies within 5 days of appointment unless authorized by nail tech to offer free fix past 5 days)

Kids Spa Party

Kid Services UNDER 12

Polish Change Nails, $10

Polish Change Toes, $15

Manicure, $15

Pedicure, $25

Designs, $2 each

Manicure & Pedicure + Designs + Shellac Combo, $45

Nail Services: Treatments
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