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Nail Services

Skin Care

Manicures & Pedicures

Express Manicure, $15

(no polish included)

Regular Manicure, $20

(regular polish included)

Relax Manicure, $25

(lotion massage, hot towels & regular polish included)

Shellac Manicure, $30

Relax + Shellac, $40

Express Pedicure, $25

Regular Pedicure, $30

Deluxe Pedicure, $40

Heavenly CBD Pedicure, $50

Shellac Add-On for Pedicures, $10

Luxury Jelly Pedi, $85

(shellac included)

Pink Sugar

Specialty Nail Services

Premium Leafgel Structured Manicure

Leafgel Premium is all about making a safe and high-performing gel nail system for nail artists all over the world. Your nail skills will reach new heights with this amazing potted gel nail system from Japan. LEAFGEL PREMIUM IS. 10-Free Potted Gel Nail System. Soak-off (Softgel) Nail System across the line.

Premium Leafgel Mani: $50

Premium Leafgel Gel Add-On to other nail services: $20

Premium Gel Removal: $15

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel/Builder Gel/Hard Gel

The Luminary Nail System is a multi-flex gel that provides the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel to create manicures that LAST. Our Luminary clients can go 6+ weeks with little to no chipping or breakage.

Luminary Overlay (on natural nails): $60+

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel Extended on Tips: $70+

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel Fill: $50+ 

Polygel / Hybrid Gel

Polygel is a nail enhancement that's best described as a gel-acrylic hybrid formula.

Polygel Full Set: $70+

Polygel Fill: $60+


Gel-X tips are full coverage gel tips made from cutting-edge soft gel formulations for convenient soak-off, making them quick and easy to apply. There is no need for chemicals or acrylic powders, over-filing, no dust, no odor, and no harm to your natural nails.

Gel-X Full Set: $50 (short lengths) - $80+

Acrylics & Dip

Full Set Acrylics (with Tips): $45++

(Basic Length & Shape. Includes Shellac)
Fill Acrylics: $40++

Polish Change on Acrylics: $30++

Pink & White: $55+
Fill P&W: $50+

Full Set CUSTOM SCULPTED Acrylics (using forms): $65++

Powder Dip Color on Natural Nails: $35++

Powder Dip w/Tips: $45++
Powder Dip French on Natural Nail: $45++

Powder Dip French w/Tips: $55++

Powder Dip Ombre on Natural Nail: $45++

Powder Dip Ombre w/Tips: $55++

Extra Length: $5++

Special Shaping: $5++

Basic Design: $2.50/Designs

Specialty Designs: $5+/Design
French/Ombre/Chrome/Metallic: $10+ each
Cuticle Trim: $5
Fix: $5/nail (free fix only applies within 5 days of appointment unless authorized by nail tech to offer free fix past 5 days)

Kids Spa Party

Kid Services UNDER 12

Polish Change Nails, $10

Polish Change Toes, $15

Manicure, $15

Pedicure, $25

Designs, $2 each

Manicure & Pedicure + Designs + Shellac Combo, $45

Nail Services: Treatments
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